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Blog Riffing

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Riff-On: The Blog Riffers Contest

Will you be the next to win Riff-On Best Post bragging rights and display the winner's badge on your blog (plus, have some fun, write some good content for your blog, make some connections...and possibly win other prizes too)? All it takes is a blog post and a tweet.

We'll be holding regular Blog Riffing contests. Here's the meat of how they work:

  1. We'll pick a post from some blog and announce it as the source article.
  2. Everybody who wants to join the contest will grab a quote from it and use it as the seed for a post on their own blog. Add your thoughts and comments, agree or disagree, dig deeper, run off on a tangent -- whatever you want to do with it.
  3. Before the deadline, tweet a link to your post with that hash tag #RiffOn in your tweet (that's how we'll find your entry).
  4. A day or two later, we'll pick the best post and name it as the winner.

For information about the current or next contest, keep your eyes on our blog. Here are the latest entries about the contests:

Riff-On Contest #3: Win a Free Copy of ExPop
3 Oct 2011 at 9:44am - It’s Monday morning, and that means it’s time to start another Riff-On blogging contest. This week, the prize is a free copy of my “unblockable exit popup” script, ExPop. Since ExPop is used to grab the attention of people who are about to leave your website, I searched my feed reader for articles contain the […]

We Have a Winner!
29 Sep 2011 at 8:25am - Claude Fullinfaw has posted a nice Riff on Terry Dean’s article: How Influence And Win Customers Everyday In Your Business. Notice how Claude quotes a brief section about case studies, and then writes in detail about how he has used case studies successfully in his marketing. A nice Riff. Claude, here’s how to claim your […]

Riff-On #2 Was a No-Show :-O Here’s How to Win…
28 Sep 2011 at 12:46pm - I didn’t promote Riff-On contest #2 quite as heavily as #1, and there was a glitch in the process of announcing it to the Blog Riffers mailing list…and we got zero entries. But rather than just dropping it and waiting till next week for another contest, I thought of a way you can still win. […]

Bloggers, Win a Free Year of Service from Instant Affiliate Accelerator
26 Sep 2011 at 11:22am - It’s time for our second Riff-On contest. This time, the prize will be one year of free service from Instant Affiliate Accelerator. The site offers a suite of tools for affiliate marketers, including an automated bonus delivery system (offer a bonus to people who buy through your affiliate link, and have it delivered without your […]

Our First Riff-On Has a Winner, Plus an Announcement
22 Sep 2011 at 11:36am - I’d like to start by thanking everyone who participated in the first Riff-On Blog Riffing contest, and everyone who helped spread the word. When you ask for a favor, you find out who your friends are. Participation was light this time around…which means that if you didn’t enter because you were afraid you wouldn’t win…you […]